Code of Conduct

It is the goal of the Ferny Hills & Districts Swimming Club Incorporated that our members find enjoyment, friendship and a strong sense of Team Spirit and Encouragement in non-competitive and competitive swimming.

The Club endorses the following Codes of Conduct:

For Swimmers

Be a good sport Compete for enjoyment Work hard for your Team as well as yourself

Treat all team mates and opponents as you enjoy being treated yourself

Compete by the rules

Co-operate with coaches, team officials, swimming officials and pool officials

Control your behaviour in and out of the pool

Learn to value honest effort, skilled performance and improvement

For Parents

Encourage participation by your children

Provide a model of good sports behaviour for your children
Be courteous in your communication with coaches, officials, swimmers and members of any Club

Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and Team loyalty

Make new parents welcome on all occasions

Do not interfere with the conduct of any event

Remember, they are CHILDREN

For Spectators

Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour. Remember children compete for enjoyment. Don't let your behaviour detract from this.

Let officials conduct events without interference.

Support skilled performances and Team play with generous applause

Please familiarise yourself with the Member Welfare Policy on the Swimming Australia website


Club policies discourage discrimination or exclusion of people based on disability.

The club will at  all times take reasonable steps to identify and eliminate unlawful direct, indirect, and systemic discrimination from structures and practices to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded reasonable opportunity to participate in all aspects of the club.
All employees and volunteers shall, within their areas of responsibility, take reasonable steps to remove barriers to programs and services, and the physical, social, and virtual environment.
The club undertakes to provide reasonable assistance to prospective members with disabilities to gain access to club programs and services.

*Could people with disabilities who require services or adjustments please provide appropriate information to assist the club in fulfilling its obligations.